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Sue heads up to Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches for a very special sunset talk at Avalon Community Library. Seats are limited, so book your ticket now at the library by calling 99183013.

You’ll also be able to purchase your signed copy of Accidental Aid Worker, which includes the special bookmark, card and numbered token.

Sue will talk about the events and adventures that featured in her memoir, Accidental Aid Worker at Newtown’s favourite Buddhist Bookstore, Bodhi Books and Gifts.

You’ll journey back in time with Sue to the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and it’s effects on communities in war torn Sri Lanka. You’ll hear how her giving ways led to over 12 years of volunteering, fundraising and helping people in need in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Australia. It’s a powerful hour expoloring our humanity, the power of connection and community.

Where: Bodhi Books and Gifts – 375 King Street, Newtown (350m from Newtown Station)
When: Wednesday 20 February 2019
Time: 6:30pm for 7pm

It’s the first author talk for 2019 and an absolute pleasure to be in the Inner West/ Newtown and with Bodhi, who have been so supportive over the years championing Accidental Aid Worker. This is the first talk after hours for a while, so I hope that those who haven’t been able to catch an author talk before, can come along. I hope to see you there!

You’ll be able to purchase books on the evening and have them signed. This is a free talk, no bookings are required.

I’ve decided to add two more jars to our 100% soy candle range. Welcome Baby and Large joining our classic small jar.

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At the Australia-ChinaFriendship Society Christmas gathering, I’m with Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO, who is the Patron of ACFS. Prof Bashir’s kind words are on the cover of the 3rd reprint of Accidental Aid Worker!I  also donated a copy of my book for the fundraising auction and the lovely lady next to me bought it. It was signed by both Prof. Bashir and myself as part of the prize!

Author talk for Australia-China Friendship Society NSW

I will be giving an author talk for ACFS on 13 March 2019 in Sydney CBD – Check for details at the Author Talk page

Sue Liu’s book, Accidental Aid Worker is a compelling read and fun, too. The opening, travel-oriented chapter in particular is a ripper — personal, fast-moving and revealing, plus there’s romance and a villain, and then redemption. Sue captures ‘moments’ beautifully and the turning points in any episode, and does so in crisp prose that’s devoid of artifice or self-aggrandisement. As her narrative progresses into the book’s sustaining topic, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, she is revealed as an absolute demon for responsibility and involvement, and for getting results. It’s a lengthy tale, set mostly in Sri Lanka and partly in Australia, of tenacity and touching humanity. Her achievements both in “spontaneous” aid work and in later penning this well-crafted tale are formidable. – John Borthwick – Travel author

John Borthwick, is a fellow adventurer and, among many other accolades, Australian Society of Travel Writers’ 2016 Travel Writer of the Year. It was a serendipitous meeting of travel and writer minds at the launch of John Maddocks’ book, Against the Odds, last week in Newtown. John very kindly purchased Accidental Aid Worker and after reading, furnished me with this lovely review.

High praise! I’m thrilled!

I’m also in good company with this tribe of travel writers. I also met the vibrant and hilarious Glenn A Baker!

Escape to Sri Lanka, Japan, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and on a rollicking journey through and extraordinary life!  Grab your holiday reading directly from me. Signed copies of Accidental Aid Worker include some sweet gifts for Christmas! 

VISIT THE SHOP here –  Edition 1 now on sale! 
For bookstore, distribution and online ways to buy – click here

After receiving the huge news about being accepted into the writing residency at Hedgebrook in October, flights are booked, arrangements have been made and now, this…

I have revisited the work that has been ‘plonked on page’ since mid-2015, revised the plot and plan, printed off pages and am ready to start work – seriously. Vows have been renewed. This book wants to come into being.

Writing begins for Accidentally, with Purposethe next steps of Accidental Aid Worker.

I will not make the ‘mistake’ of announcing a due date for this new ‘baby’. One step at a time. Writing has commenced.

I have amazing news. In October, I will be spending a week on Whidbey Island – just outside Seattle, Washington, for a week-long Master Class workshop and residency at prestigious Hedgebrook.

Hedgebrook’s strapline is women authoring change. Their mission is to support women writers from all over the world to develop their voices and works, to  raise awareness in a vast range of issues.

Hedgebrook is THE place for me! My goal is to make headway on my next book, Accidentally, with Purpose – the sequel and next step from Accidental Aid Worker.

I submitted applications for a place in both the 2019 residency program and a Master Class residency workshop. Over 1800 applications are received each year for a coveted 40 places in the residency program (successful applicants are advised in December – I’ll let you know if I get in), and places in the week-long Master Class workshops are also hotly contested.

When the email congratulating me for my place in Hope Edelman’s Master Class arrived in my inbox, my excitement leaped off the email and straight onto Facebook. I think I said “Oh my GOD” out loud and all over my (Facebook) wall whilst jumping around the living room, for about three hours.

Being awarded a place at Hedgebrook is a real achievement and an opportunity I will make the most of. I will be joining six other women from around the world for a week on magical Whidbey Island to do exactly what I had wished for – take time out to invest, focus, write and develop Accidentally, with Purpose. 

Working with Hope

One of the reasons why this workshop with Hope Edelman is an important next step for me is that I will be learning how to approach and write stories that are deeply personal. Hope wrote Motherless Daughters, a book that saved my life by helping me relate to and come to terms with my grief and experiences resulting from my mother’s death. Hope’s work was a guide for me in expressing some of those raw and conflicted emotions around loss, in Accidental Aid Worker.  To have the opportunity to thank Hope for her work personally, is one thing. To work with her and learn how to become a more effective writer – quite another!

I am SO excited. Wish me and Accidentally, with Purpose, luck.

I am delighted to announce that Windhorse Books is the new distributor for Accidental Aid Worker.

Windhorse Books is a specialty, not-for profit, Australian business that has a focus on making available, quality books on Buddhism and meditation. As a business that has operated since 1994 distributing books to  bookshops, Buddhist groups and individuals, Windhorse Books aims to engage in ethical, non-exploitative and spiritually beneficial business.

For trade and distribution enquiries – please contact  Windhorse Books  or phone (02) 9519 8826

I am very proud to be represented by Windhorse books and Bodhi Books and gifts, sharing the shelf with a select collection of authors, whose stories, values and qualities align with mine.

I’m excited about the potential to connect with readers who seek real stories about exploration, social change and personal transformation.


EXCLUSIVE to Bodhi – AAW and special blessed bookmark

Windhorse also operate retail store Bodhi Books and Gifts in Newtown, Sydney. Bodhi continues to be enthusiastic about having Accidental Aid Worker in store and online.

Bodhi are the only retail bookstore to have copies of the special 3rd reprint cover AND a free gift – the special, limited edition bookmark with string that was blessed in The Temple of the Mother in Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Accidental Aid Worker is RRP$34.95 and available now at Bodhi Books and Gifts – 375 King Street, Newtown, or online at  or phone (02) 9519 8890

24 August 2018 – update: With Dennis Jones and Associates ceasing to trade as of 17 August, 2018, so ended our distribution agreement for the paperback version of Accidental Aid Worker via DJA and e-book via Port Campbell Press.  Please direct all new trade and distribution enquires to Windhorse Books or contact Sue for further details.

Thank you to Jessie Street National Women’s Library for inviting me to speak at Sydney’s historic Customs House Library.

Jessica Stewart very kindly reviewed the author talk: Sue does not shy away from the hard questions. Accidental Aid Worker is the story of how wanting to help a community became life changing. It is also an exploration of the complexities of aid, both moral and logistical. She asks us to think about how aid might impact local economies and can become mired in corruption. Read the author talk review on page 7 of the National Women’s Library newsletter – May 2018

Book review by Jessie Street National Women’s Library.

Read the full review on page 4 of the National Women’s Library newsletter-February 2018

It’s an honour to be invited to give an author talk to a group of women dedicated to preserving the stories of Australian women.

 Accidental Aid Worker is in the collection of the Jessie Street National Women’s Library and today, I’ll be presenting the Lunch Hour Talk for April at Customs House Library in Sydney. 

To accompany this talk, Jessica Stewart and Barbara Henry wrote this review for the newsletter, which truly captures my story and journey into aid work. You can read the review here .



Read the report of the talk on page 7 of the National Women’s Library newsletter – May 2018


I was invited to attend a breakfast event for International Women’s Day, 8 March 2018

It was an inspiring morning, with the keynote delivered by Councillor Christine Forster.

I had no plans to connect with the speakers and had to rush back to work. I made a dash for the lift, and in the lift was Christine and her wife, Virginia.

I felt it only polite to say hello and now they have  a copy of Accidental Aid Worker on their ‘to read’ pile.

What a wonderful way to connect and celebrate International Women’s Day!

It began with introduction to Di Morrissey

A friend introduced me to the phenomenal Di Morrissey a few months ago. I sent her a copy of my book and we have been chatting via email constantly for the last 6 weeks or so about this and that.

Di read my book and then gave it to Chris Gibbons, who wrote the review for the newspaper Di produces, The Manning Community News – April 2018.

The first few paragraphs … OMG. I might faint. It’s amazing and I am so … stoked! This support by Australia’s most prolific and much loved author is staggering.

AAW Review - manning

REVIEW: This autobiography just had to be written.

Review by Chris Gibbons, supported by Di Morrissey – The Manning Community News – April 2018

This amazing woman has lived four lifetimes of an ordinary woman and, in doing so, has made a huge difference to many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lives… All I can say after reading Sue’s story is, ‘What a woman!’. She shows us how one person can make a difference in this world, and I am in awe that she has been able to accomplish so much. An inspiring book. Read the full review – Manning Community News

What an honour to be featured in Thorpe Bowker’s February 2018 in their newsletter, Australian Self Publisher. It’s a no-holds-barred interview that lays bare some of the challenges, audacious goals and my journey into writing and self-publishing.

You might find it interesting to read what I think makes my story unique, what my biggest successes are and my biggest challenges.  Intrigued? You can read the full interview in Australianselfpublisher.com


I’m becoming a professional public speaker – for real!

FOR TEAMS IN WORK AND COMMUNITY PLACES: If you have a conference, team meeting or workshop coming up, and you’re seeking a new, fresh, dynamic, funny and captivating speaker to inspire your people – I may be for you!  I can deliver for you in a very meaningful way to your organisation and community via a talk, presentation or workshop.

FOR YOUNG MINDS IN HIGH SCHOOLS: I’ll also be exploring speaking at high schools, because it’s young, growing minds who need to hear about the realities of life as they prepare to venture out. If you’re involved in a high school, this could be an opportunity to really connect and engage young people via a talk/ author talk  in the following areas:

  • Human Society and it’s Environment and Society and Culture (years 11&12) and International Studies (years 9&10).
  • Social Justice, community, fundraising, volunteering and trips to developing countries.
  • PHDP – life choices, deciding what to do in life and careers advice for year 10, 11 or 12
  • Workshop: writing your own story and considering publishing books and works

For high school bookings in particular, I’ve signed up with by signing up with Lateral Learning Speakers’ Agency.

With warmth and bare honesty, Sue Liu delivers an inspiring talk about the power of connection and community, sharing tales of natural disasters, hilarious happenings and personal tragedies from her life, as detailed in her memoir, Accidental Aid Worker.

Sue captivates and engages audiences of all ages in her dynamic, thought-provoking talk, prompting people to consider their choices at life’s crossroads, what their moral responsibility is to help others, and how to get involved with causes and communities. Read the full profile at Lateral Learning. 


Contact me for more information about speaking and workshops for your people. 


BOOKTOPIA is offering Accidental Aid Worker for 17% discount – at $28.90. It’s also the best postage deal for Australia/NZ -at $6.95 per order. I can’t offer you better than this on the postage – so grab your copy for family and friends and have it delivered directly from Booktopia – click here to place your order.

Buy from Booktopia

I am delighted to donate a copy of Accidental Aid Work to the Jessie Street National Women’s Library. 

I certainly embrace the cry ” Well behaved women seldom make history”, and am honoured to be speaking at their Lunch Time Talks series on Thursday 19 April 2018. Information about how to book in for the talk will be posted in 2018.


This is such an honour!
I’ve been asked to speak at and launch the new Rozelle Street Library!

You can come too! Friday 8 September at Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre.

It’s very special, because the centre is next door to where I used to live – on top of the cafe – where I had my office, collected and ran the first community collection of aid for Sri Lanka. This is when the Accidental Aid Worker story began.

I’ll be donating my book to start the library. Authors – want to join me in donating your book for the collection?

Please contact me for details.

We hope you will join us for a special morning tea to launch our Street Library. We will be celebrating reading matters at Rozelle for Adult Learning Week. The event will include a morning tea with guest author Sue Liu who will offically open our library and talk about her book the Accidental Aid Worker. RSVP for catering purposes: https://streetlibraryrozelle.eventbrite.com.au/


Accidental Aid Worker now available at Barefoot Ceylon in Sri Lanka

Accidental Aid Worker now available at Barefoot Ceylon in Sri Lanka

Accidental Aid Worker has ‘come home’ to Sri Lanka and is now available exclusively at Sri Lanka’s most beautiful place for quality gifts, crafts, fabrics, art and of course, books – Barefoot Celyon.

Be sure to ask for your copy of Accidental Aid Worker at the bookshop, which houses the finest collection of books about Sri Lanka.


Barefoot Celyon – 704 GALLE ROAD Colombo 03