Tuesday 7 October

It’s a post on Tuesday night this time folks because I have to work on my traditional Writing Wednesday! Boy did I need that long weekend, because I busted my brain and wrote my heart last week up in the Blue Mountains on writing retreat No. 2.

Mike matsuI did a house and kitty swap with my friend Jo, so I traded my enormous and adorable Burmese brown boy for two delicate, aged British blue girls. I was glad of the company, the smooches and head bonking from the girls because it was a very emotional few days of writing.

I wrote some very tricky chapters last week, relating to the death of my friend Michael Matsushita in the London Bombings of 2005.  Going back to that time and dredging through the tide of emotions was so draining. It was the hardest chapter I’ve had to write and you know what? I needed to be in the mountains and alone to go there. Tis done now. Mike’s friendship, amazing life and tragic death is central to my life today.

I only really realised how much through the process of delving deep and paying homage to my friend. I can’t wait to introduce him to you when the time is right.

Since I have been writing in earnest – since early August, I have completed drafting 17 chapters…. that’s about 45,000 words. I’m just over half way. I still have a lot of work to do and I’m determined to stick to my deadline of June next year to publish and launch this book. And now… the drum roll…………….

I have an EDITOR!!

Shelley Kenigsberg and I shook hands virtually over Skype this afternoon. We have agreed to work together to bring this book to you. Shelley is an editor, teacher and writer and has over 20 years experience in editing. She has worked for publishers in Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and the UK. She currently lives in Bali, so I may have to factor in a trip there at some stage (any excuse).

My editor (I can say that now)  was actually recommended to me, and then we found we had three of four quirky connections. Being the superstitious person that I am, I took these serendipitous happenings as signs.

So the work now takes another turn and I should get back to it now….Part 4 -C is waiting to be written.

S x

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