AAWlaunch225A9487I’ve been remiss in reporting about the Accidental Aid Worker book shower event and 70th Birthday celebration for Geraldine Cox.

In short – it was GREAT! It was a BIG afternoon – with over 50 guests firstly making challah bread and other goodies before sitting down to…. well listen to me for 30 minutes (hmm, maybe more). Seriously – I was able to, for the first time, introduce my story, my journey and my book to friends and supporters. Part of that presentation was reading the part of my book that answers my most frequently asked question: “How did you meet Geraldine?” I think I saw a few tears as I read out those words, I think a few of them may have been mine and Geraldine’s.

The remainder of our afternoon was a delicious afternoon tea to honour Geraldine’s 70th birthday. Thank you to Rabbi Slavin, Greg Fisher and all the staff at OBK for putting on such an amazing event and delicious afternoon tea for us.


AAWlaunch225A9640It’s an unusual concept – but the book shower was a fundraiser – partly to fund  the production of my book and also to continue to raise awareness of it, Sunrise, OBK and our connections. As part of the fundraising I ran a market selling items from Candles for Community shop as well as pre-selling copies of my book. And here are the results: Over $5000 raised

  • 30 books pre-sold and enough money raised from the market and ticket sales to pay for the editing of my book
  • Sunrise donations =$1550
  • Contribution to OBK = $550

Don’t forget to pre- purchase your copy/ies of Accidental Aid Worker – it will help me fund the completion of the editing and work out how many to print. Buy online here

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