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Yep – I feel a bit “off centre” in allergic haze, in the food court today.

17 September – it’s Writing Wednesday again and it’s windy outside.  I mention this because despite taking an antihistamine at 7am – its now 11am and I’m STILL in an allergic haze! Why is 180mg of Fexofenadine not enough to stop the snot? Is it really a 2 antihistamine day? I’m running out of tissues!!!!

I’ve returned to the food court again at Leichhardt Market Place today for a few reasons. I’m trying to fit my errands in with writing.

  • I have an appointment at 1:30pm to get my hair cut
  • I have stuff to get
  • I’m researching flights to Sri Lanka and Cambodia at the travel agent
  • Parking here is unlimited
  • I’m out of the pollen vortex ( I thought)

Last week – I was on a ROLL – and  that felt really GREAT – and I was able to write for 2-3 additional sessions apart from the designated writing day last week I knocked out 8 CHAPTERS and sent them off for reading. I’m at a really significant section of the book, which requires me to slow down a bit and take more time, so momentum has shifted.

I’ve had a massive few weeks with my client work and have been writing and producing publications for them, so I’m wondering if I’m feeling a little burned out!

My questions to myself today are:

1. Do you feel like writing with a foggy head and runny nose?

2. Should you be making any drastic decisions or book travel when in an allergic haze?

3.What’s for lunch?

Quite frankly, I’m not sure if I’m up to writing today or if I should force myself. Having said that I do need to push on – I have a self imposed deadline! I’m trying to make excuse – I’m just being realistic about how much I should be forcing myself to work today given that I’m not feeling so crash hot.

I’m sure I’ll get my mojo back – as soon as my drugs kick in…..and I go buy another packet of tissues.


S x


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