Getting to the essence of the story of Accidental aid worker - it's ALL about Sri Lanka.

Getting to the essence of the story of Accidental aid worker – it’s ALL about Sri Lanka.

Well my first writing retreat, I consider was a success and I can’t wait to do it again.

Getting away from the every day and into a different environment allowed me to really focus on not only the process of writing, but the bigger picture of the structure and the story that I have to tell.

My problem is ( well, one of them) is that I have had a very quirky ( interesting) time in my life, stuff happens all the time and I have too much to tell. There are so many stories realistically to loop, curve and weave – it’s actually 3-4 books – NOT just this one.

That was my epiphany on day 3 of 4, when I found  myself overwhelmed by the enormous task I had set myself, and my ability to focus on writing stymied.

The scope of the story had blown out and the story outline I had written – covering almost everything in my life for the past 10 years, not all of it related to Accidental aid worker and my time in Sri Lanka. So I’m clear now about moving forward, and I AM!

So, to summarise the benefits of getting away this week included:

1.Gaining clarity on the story I want to tell in THIS book. Now that I have that – I’m approaching the writing in a more focused way.

2.Driving, exploring and discovering GREAT coffee shops and nooks for breakfast and writing for 2-3 hour blocks on the NSW Central Coast. (my tips are below)

3. Finding a writing MENTOR! By a stroke of serendipity, I reconnected with someone (who happens to live up on the CC). We met, and after a long conversation, she help set me back on track  and she is the perfect person to support me in this writing process.

4. Planning and booking the next retreat at the end of September in the Blue Mountains.

My tips for cafes on the Central Coast:


Right – I have a busy week ahead with my “mum” Geraldine Cox in town and me playing taxi (I  mean “daughter”) …………… and work of course.

Til next time…..

Sue x


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