I randomly picked up a Sharpie on 30 September 2019 to give it a go. I discovered I COULD draw! This launched me into obsessively sketching things I love and bringing creatures and critters to life with ink on paper. I hope you’ll be inspired as you discover my wild, wild passions through my illustrations and art works.

Artworks 2020: Australian Natives on Land and Sea

Whether below the water, on land or in the air, we need to protect our precious animals. When you support me and my artwork, you’ll also be contributing to saving Australian critters on land and sea.


  • Artist Cards: Undersea Discovery Collection Artist Cards Series 1: Leafy Sea Dragons, Weedy Sea Dragons and Fighting Fish
  • Prints: A4 – coming soon 
  • Temporary Tattoos – coming soon 

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I’m happy to customise designs for you. Please contact me to let me know: bigger, smaller, move it to the left/right, make patterns, put it on a colour you love etc.

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