Sue is now an artist! Wildcard-Sue is all about appreciating and celebrating Australian native wildlife from the land, sea and sky. Read how Sue discovered this drawing ability, accidentally.

Purpose: to foster an enduring fascination for a broader array of Australian animals, that will translate to ACTIONS to save vulnerable wildlife and their habitats.

Sue’s illustrations capture the fine details and intricate qualities that make our precious native creatures so unique. Her style is mono – black and white and each illustration is a close representation of an individual, with personality.

When you purchase from and support Wildcard-Sue, you support Australian independent creatives and businesses.

You’ll find original and unique Australian native animal illustrations by Sue as:

Australian native animals from land, sea and sky

Creativity for Conservation

Our mission: to raise awareness, support, and funds for projects and organisations that care for Australian native wildlife and their fragile environments.

5% of our profits will be donated to Australian conservation projects.

Through her advocacy, campaign work, partnerships, Sue brings focus to our unique native wildlife – many of which are threatened and endangered species after our recent summer bushfires. This is Sue Liu’s way of doing good for the community through art, creativity, and communication campaigns.

I hope you’ll have a happy time exploring Wildcard-Sue’s art and choosing meaningful gifts that bring joy and do good for our precious Australian wildlife.

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