Working copy of the book

Working copy of the book

The night was dark and stormy……………… ok, that one has been used a million times. This week – it has been torrential and for me, a great week to hunker down, stay indoors and work on the online side of my business with some much needed updates to my business and community website (Zulu Communications).

And it’s Writing Wednesday again – how quickly that has come around.

I am happy to report that last week’s adventure to Ikea was a good idea, but not as “productive” with the writing of the book as I had hoped. I did get a lot out of the experience though and will definitely do it again.  It was an important time to sit with those heavy feelings and reflect on how delving into my mind and soul is going to affect me. It served as a warning for the week to come.

Actually, I AM writing. A lot! I’m writing blog posts here and also a lot for Zulu, so the art is being practiced. Progress on this project is at a different pace. I have to accept that.

Today – Writing Wednesday, I am planning and structuring what to focus on during my 4ish days away on my writing retreat next week. So this week’s task is to make sure I have what I need (physically) and have my mind and spirit clear, calm and focused to make sure I make the most of the dedicated 4 day block ahead.

On my list of preparation:

  • Select parts of my book to work on that I know will not send me into a depressive funk;
  • Focus on completing certain sections that I know are just bullet points and need to be written;
  • Eat healthy food and try and leave the “shack” at least 2 x each day;
  • Avoid connecting to wifi…………. probably the biggest challenge.

Wish me some sunshine and inspiration for the writing retreat !

Sue x


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